Saturday, January 4, 2020

Analyze the Information it Contains about Audience Analysis - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 529 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2019/10/10 Did you like this example? Communication strategies a) Which speech did you select? Who was the speaker and what was that speaker’s main topic? I selected Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic Convention. The person giving the speech is was Michelle Obama. The topic of the speech was pressing for women and Blacks exemplar in the White house. b) Which core styles does the speaker use in his/her speech? The speaker uses several styles. They include; using same words in successive sentence at several instances (anaphora). The speaker uses the phrase â€Å"kids who† repetitively in four continuous sentences. This repetition is meant to show emphasis on the kids. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Analyze the Information it Contains about Audience Analysis" essay for you Create order The speaker also uses stories to personalize the speech. She narrates her past experience of when her young girls got in the vehicle and was escorted by armed men and this made the speaker to wonder the effect this experience would bring and how it would either mold or break them. These styles are used to show emphasis as well as to make the speech more realistic by delivering it in an understandable way that maintains attachment to the audience. This also makes it easier for the audience to relate the narration with the real life situation. c) Based on reading the transcript of the speech, write what you believe to be the speech’s specific purpose. The specific intention of the speech was voicing out the need of having Black exemplar as well as women in the White House and thus she asked people to vote for Hillary Clinton citing that she trusted her and Michelle had confidence that she (Hillary), had the ability to lead the nation. The speaker further continuous to say the reason as to why she believes Hillary is the best candidate. d) What strategies did the speaker use to achieve the specific purpose of the speech? The speaker clearly pointed out the choice that would be more appropriate in ensuring that [bookmark: _GoBack]Black and female role model is in the Whitehouse (voting in Hillary). She explained how the candidate had continuously fought for the rights of the children and striving to ensure proper health care and most importantly her enthusiasm, dedication and hard work towards her national duties. e) Based on the portion of the speech transcript you read, what do you believe the speaker was successful in achieving the specific purpose of the speech? Yes. The speaker gave a road map on how to ensure the black and female legacy was achieved. By mentioning Hillary’s achievements, the speaker clearly shows how the female candidate is very suitable for the presidency position hence helping people to identify with the fact that the female legacy can surely go on especially when they elect Hillary Clinton. f) How does the style and world choice in this speech impact the effectiveness of the message? The words and style chosen are clear and precise hence making the message easily understandable. The styles selected helps the listeners to relate to what is being spoken about hence making the people listening to be keen and understand easily what is being said. She further uses a narration to avoid boring the audience.

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